How To Make Valentine's Day Shipping a Heartfelt Victory

It’s a time for sending strong feelings but posting fragile gifts. It’s Valentine’s Day, and the heat will soon be on for shippers to get delicate parcels there in one piece.

Holiday Shipping, Valentines Day

Creating a Quality Customer Shipping Experience

Crafting the shipping experience consumers want means forward planning and thinking into their shoes.

Customer Service, Quality, Customer Experience

71lbs Shipping Insights and Highlights: East Coast vs. West Coast

How do two of America’s biggest carriers shape up in some of the country’s most populated states? The answer reveals metrics driven by population, geographic location and simple financial commonsense.

Shipping Facts, Shipping, Highlights, East Coast, West Coast

The Delivery Experience and a Proactive Customer Service Approach

When it comes to the customer delivery experience, learn how taking a proactive customer service approach can mitigate problems and help you stand out as a quality customer-centric business.

Customer Service, delivery experience

Is Around-the-Clock Drone Shipping a Close Reality?

Delivering every day of the week, around the clock, is every carrier’s goal. Drones and robots are being hailed as the way to do it. How could these aerial allies affect shippers?

Shipping, Drones, Around The Clock

Do free returns policies hurt your shipping budget?

Whether it’s the holiday season or year-round, consumers are returning packages in droves. This may be free for the customer, but not for the shipper. Here’s how your shipping policy can be optimized to keep both sides happy.

Shipping Returns, Shipping Budget, Returns Policy

What the UPS Revamp Could Mean for U.S. Shippers

UPS is making changes to its package flow and shipping density — a switch that could mean more savings for U.S. shippers. Will there be a catch?

UPS, Shipping, Revamp

Shipping Savings and Reduced Spending Guide (Short)

The ultimate shipping savings and reduced spending guide for all shippers to utilize in their quests to lower shipping costs.

Shipping Costs, Savings

Understanding The Cost of Shipping (Short)

Understanding the cost of shipping can help you allocate your budget to the most important parts of your shipping process to optimize your shipping spend..

Shipping Costs, Savings

How Holiday Returns are Handled

January and December are busy months for carriers who must return all the Christmas gifts that didn't go as planned. Here’s how the situation looks for them and how shippers can expect to be affected.

Say Anything w/Joel Gandara

Joel Gandara of Underwear Station discusses the importance of a work-life balance, how flaws in the industry can present a golden opportunity, and lessons learned from adopting a proper work ethic from a young age.


Savings Ahoy with the 71lbs Import Program

Does your business ship freight by air or ocean? If the answer is “yes,” 71lbs can study your shipping logistics to maximize your savings.

Savings, Shipping, Import

Are FTZs Your Ticket to Duty Deferral, Exemption and Tariff Relief?

Foreign Trade Zones were designed to make American businesses competitive. Could they be a way for your company to save big?

Foreign Trade Zone, Duty Deferral, Exemption, Tariff Relief

How to File a Shipping Claim With FedEx or UPS

Upset with UPS? Fed up with FedEx? Here are the steps to submitting a claim and how 71lbs can help.

UPS, FedEx, Claim

How to Negotiate Carrier Contracts

Negotiating contract terms with the big carriers is a very important time for your business. 71lbs is the experienced ally you need to make the strongest deals.

Carrier Agreements, Contract Negotiations

Say Anything w/David Tivadar

David Tivadar of Quiet Curtains discusses his soundproofing curtain company and delves into the challenges of matching growth with resources and the importance of commitment to finishing a set goal.


The Stress-Free Way to Handle Shipping Audits with 71lbs

Auditing is a time-consuming, complicated and often confusing matter. Shippers can partner with 71lbs to take that weight off their shoulders and get back to business.

Shipping, Audits, Invoice

Explaining Residential Surcharges for UPS and FedEx

Residential surcharges are an annoying extra expense, but there are ways to minimize their impact. Learn more about how they work and how shippers can best deal with them.

UPS, FedEx, Surcharges, Residential

Deadlines, Do’s and Don’ts to Optimize Your Holiday Shipping with UPS and FedEx

Millions of parcels will soon be on their way and carrying the reputation of your business with them. Shippers should mark these dates on their calendar to make the most of seasonal shipping.

UPS, Shipping Refunds, FedEx, Holidays, Optimize

Introducing Our New Small Business Program: S.A.V.E.S.

Shipping AdVantages Equals Savings with 71lbs! Learn more about how small business owners can receive a free service fee on our Late Delivery Refunds service.


The Best Delivery Experience Depends on Top-Class Parcel Tracking

Great parcel tracking provides customers with the data they require and shippers with the means to rate parcel carriers.

tracking, delivery experience

Say Anything w/Paul Norrell

Paul Norrell of 1 World Globes & Maps talks about how a love of foreign films and a simple globe repair evolved into a flourishing business.


Why Weekly FTZ Entries Can Mean Huge Savings

Foreign Trade Zones were created to help America’s economy remain globally competitive. There are a lot of savings to be had if your business can create one.

Savings, Foreign Trade Zone

The Benefits of Shipping With 71lbs Insurance

Shipping insurance is a must, but the amount offered by carrier companies can be insufficient. Learn how 71lbs can raise that number for greater peace of mind.

Shipping Facts, Shipping, insurance

What to Consider When Doing Business in Multiple Currencies

Our partner, OFX, breaks down what to consider when doing business in multiple currencies.

Partnerships, Savings, Technology, Financial Health

Do Parcel Thieves Also Steal Your Business’s Shipping Refund?

Parcel theft is rampant in the U.S. Here's how the big shippers view it and how a refund can sometimes be possible.

Shipping Refunds, package theft

Premium Customer Service Takes First-Class Vigilance by Your Carrier

Big retailers have made quick shipping the standard consumer expectation. Businesses who want to compete will give customers a clear way to track packages.

Customer Service, tracking

Say Anything w/Virgilio Llanes

One of our favorite customers in the automotive space, Virgilio Llanes of Cooling Exchange, talks about continuous improvement and the power of teamwork.


General Logistics and Last-Mile Challenges Can Benefit from Premium Tracking

ECommerce expenses are on the rise across the board. Savvy shippers know that Premium Tracking is a way to deliver increased savings too.

Shipping Costs, eCommerce

When Is a Package “Lost,” and How Can the Shipper Find It?

Millions of packages are handled every day by FedEx and UPS and items can sometimes disappear. What constitutes a “lost” package, and what can shippers do about it?

UPS, FedEx, Shipping Facts, package loss

Is It Time to Consider an Online Freight Platform?

Freight brokers can be a helping hand to businesses, but in the demanding and data-driven landscape there may be a better option.

Shipping Costs, Shipping Facts, Freight/LTL, Freight Management

The Many Benefits of LTL Could Make It Perfect for Your Shipping Needs

Your business may not always need to fill up a whole delivery truck with shipping. LTL is a good option if the load weighs in on the lighter side.

Shipping Costs, Shipping Facts, Shipping, Freight/LTL

Say Anything w/Kat McMillan

Our resident Senior Partner Manager shares the coolest thing about her gig and three must-haves on a desert island.


Can a “Business Closed” Excuse From FedEx Shut Down Your Shipping Refund?

Business hours may vary from company to company, but FedEx’s responsibility never changes. They need to get the package there while the customer is open, or they owe the shipper a refund.

Shipping Refunds, FedEx, Shipping Costs

When FedEx Is Out of Time, Their Customers are Out of Pocket

It’s one thing when FedEx can’t meet their guaranteed delivery time. It’s another when they don’t even try. Here’s how we can help.

Shipping Refunds, FedEx, Shipping Costs

FedEx Delays so the Shipper Pays? No Way!

Here’s what your business should consider if FedEx denies your shipping refund due to uncontrollable circumstances.

Shipping Refunds, FedEx, Shipping Costs

Shipping: Don’t Let FedEx Dispatch Delays Deny Your Refund

FedEx would like their customers to believe a package can be late – twice. Here’s why that excuse doesn’t cut it.

Shipping Refunds, FedEx, Shipping Costs

Shipping: Why Being Rejected for a Refund Isn’t the End of the Matter

Have you been told by FedEx that your package label was unreadable and had to be replaced? It sounds plausible enough, but it’s an unreasonable way to deny their customers a refund.

Shipping Refunds, FedEx, Shipping

How Package Size and Carrier Charges Affect the Shipper You Choose

Choosing the right shipping solution for your needs takes time. Learn the key things to choosing a parcel carrier.

Shipping Costs

Understanding Your Shipping Information, Step by Step

Deciphering invoices is a headache for many companies, and what they don’t know can cost them.

Shipping Refunds, Shipping Costs

Customer Service: The Importance of NPS

Knowing the Net Promoter Score can help a company gain insight on how to turn customers into an extension of marketing.


The Priceless Post-Purchase Experience

The post-purchase experience has massive potential for companies to increase customer engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty.

eCommerce, Logistics, Supply Chain

Say Anything w/Jose Li

What happens behind the curtain? We ask seven questions to our fearless leader, and the answers are...interesting.


Understanding Foreign Trade Zones

Tariffs on products from China can benefit US companies. A look at current taxes, imports, duties, and savings.

Shipping Costs, Savings, Foreign Trade Zone

Shipping: Are Dollars You’re Owed Hiding in Plain Sight?

The UPS Guaranteed Refund can work in a business’s favor if they know which incidents qualify.

UPS, Shipping Refunds

Employing SaaS Within the Supply Chain (+Why It’s So Important)

Cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) supply-chain management systems are complex, but their advantages are easy to understand.

eCommerce, Technology

Third-Party Logistics: How the “Man in the Middle” Impacts Your Business

Third-party logistics (3PL) companies come in many shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common.

eCommerce, Logistics

How an Automated Shipping-Auditing Process Can Pay for Itself

Automating your shipping-auditing process helps you claim refunds, increase customer satisfaction and discover valuable insights.

Shipping Refunds, Shipping Costs

Late Delivery by UPS and FedEx Entitles Your Business to Refunds

Packages aren’t the only thing that can fall through the cracks – a retailer’s rights can too.

FedEx, Carrier Agreements, Contract Negotiations

eCommerce Logistics at Scale: The Journey of a Thousand Miles

The last mile may be the final leg of the journey, but it’s often first on a long list of logistical problems.

Shipping Costs, eCommerce, Logistics

The Top eCommerce Trends and Predictions in 2019

What should eCommerce organizations watch out for in 2019? Experts say it’s all about logistics and fulfilling customer expectations.

UPS, eCommerce

Shipping Surcharges That Erode Your Bottom Line

Up to a third of your overall shipping expenses can be attributed to surcharges. Know what they are and how to avoid them.

Shipping Costs, Surcharges

Pro Tips for Negotiating Shipping Contracts

The best way to take control of high shipping costs is to negotiate your parcel shipping contracts. 

Carrier Agreements, Waivers, Contract Negotiations, Surcharges

Ways You Can Reduce the Cost of Shipping

Shipping takes a big chunk of your budget, but is vital to most businesses. Learn how you can offset the ever growing expense.

Shipping Refunds, Shipping Costs

Want Your Business to Go the Distance? You Need to Study Every Mile

For consumers, late delivery means more time staring at the mailbox. For retailers and suppliers, it can mean “goodbye” to those customers and their future business.

Shipping Refunds, Shipping Costs, Savings

What Every Company Needs to Know About Shipping Refunds

Shippers are prepared to offer a refund even if they’re 60 seconds past the delivery time. Here’s what to do if you don’t have time to follow up.

UPS, Shipping Refunds, FedEx

71lbs Partners with SGIA

We're thrilled to introduce a partnership with the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association.

Partnerships, SGIA

What's with those UPS Denial Emails?

Have you received UPS denial emails in regards to your late delivery refund claim? What it means for you...

UPS, Shipping Refunds

5 Tips to Assess your Carrier's Shipping Agreement 

Our dashboard is chock full of ways to analyze your carrier's agreement and better understand your shipping. 

UPS, FedEx, Products, Carrier Agreements

3 More Ways Business Owners Can Save Money on Shipping

Our CEO, Jose Li, breaks down three fresh options to lower your FedEx & UPS shipping costs.

UPS, FedEx, Shipping Costs

71lbs New Dashboard Facelift

We’ve updated our dashboard! Get new insights into your company’s shipping habits including shipment details and more.

Products, Announcements

71lbs named one of "eight top startups in Fort Lauderdale"

We're proud be listed alongside so many innovative companies! Check us out in The Tech Tribune's review of FTL startups.


A Tale of A City: South Florida Edition

How does a shipment travel to/from South Florida? We tell the story of a package from point A to point B. 

Shipping Facts

71lbs Now Available on Intuit QuickBooks Apps Store

We're live on the Quickbooks App Store! We're thrilled to be the latest addition to the Intuit Developer Platform.

Partnerships, Announcements

Managing Shipping Costs During the Holiday Season

While merchants are compiling their own shopping lists, they are also focused on the busiest shipping season of the year. 

Shipping Costs, Holidays

Real-Time Shipping vs. Flat-Rate Shipping article by 3dCart

Partner 3dCart discusses the pros and cons of real-time shipping vs. flat-rate shipping, including optimizing for cost savings.

Shipping Costs, Partnerships

Collect your Shipping Refunds with 71lbs

An increase in e-commerce sales of more than 15% since 2015 has changed how merchants handle their small package fulfillment.

UPS, Shipping Refunds, FedEx

Video: News Networks React to 71lbs


UPS Money Back Guarantee

Unsure of what UPS guarantees as part of their time commitment? We break it down for you here.

UPS, Shipping Refunds, Shipping Costs

FedEx Money Back Guarantee

Understanding the fine print when it comes to FedEx's guaranteed time commitment is key to protecting your shipping costs.

Shipping Refunds, FedEx, Shipping Costs

Waived, Unscrupulously!

How carriers use unscrupulous tactics to preclude their own customers from collecting on their own policy.

Shipping Refunds, Waivers

Shipping Waivers… FedEx first, now UPS! Really?

Recently we wrote where FedEx placed an unscrupulous waiver on their customers. It seems like the “Big Two” are coordinating efforts now, as UPS started placing waivers on their guaranteed service refunds policy as well.

UPS, FedEx, Waivers

Persistence Pays Off

Jose Li recounts a conversation he had with an e-commerce company about how UPS's guaranteed service refunds could be saving his company a lot of money. He shows how YOU can do the same in a few easy steps.


Enhancing Inbound Receiving

Jose Li explains how you can optimize your inbound receiving practice by paying attention to each step of your logistics process, and tailoring your decisions to your exact needs based on a few easily identifiable metrics.


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