Shipping Savings and Reduced Spending Guide (Short)

The ultimate shipping savings and reduced spending guide for all shippers to utilize in their quests to lower shipping costs.

Shipping Costs, Savings

Understanding The Cost of Shipping (Short)

Understanding the cost of shipping can help you allocate your budget to the most important parts of your shipping process to optimize your shipping spend..

Shipping Costs, Savings

General Logistics and Last-Mile Challenges Can Benefit from Premium Tracking

ECommerce expenses are on the rise across the board. Savvy shippers know that Premium Tracking is a way to deliver increased savings too.

Shipping Costs, eCommerce

Is It Time to Consider an Online Freight Platform?

Freight brokers can be a helping hand to businesses, but in the demanding and data-driven landscape there may be a better option.

Shipping Costs, Shipping Facts, Freight/LTL, Freight Management

The Many Benefits of LTL Could Make It Perfect for Your Shipping Needs

Your business may not always need to fill up a whole delivery truck with shipping. LTL is a good option if the load weighs in on the lighter side.

Shipping Costs, Shipping Facts, Shipping, Freight/LTL

Can a “Business Closed” Excuse From FedEx Shut Down Your Shipping Refund?

Business hours may vary from company to company, but FedEx’s responsibility never changes. They need to get the package there while the customer is open, or they owe the shipper a refund.

Shipping Refunds, FedEx, Shipping Costs

When FedEx Is Out of Time, Their Customers are Out of Pocket

It’s one thing when FedEx can’t meet their guaranteed delivery time. It’s another when they don’t even try. Here’s how we can help.

Shipping Refunds, FedEx, Shipping Costs

FedEx Delays so the Shipper Pays? No Way!

Here’s what your business should consider if FedEx denies your shipping refund due to uncontrollable circumstances.

Shipping Refunds, FedEx, Shipping Costs

Shipping: Don’t Let FedEx Dispatch Delays Deny Your Refund

FedEx would like their customers to believe a package can be late – twice. Here’s why that excuse doesn’t cut it.

Shipping Refunds, FedEx, Shipping Costs

How Package Size and Carrier Charges Affect the Shipper You Choose

Choosing the right shipping solution for your needs takes time. Learn the key things to choosing a parcel carrier.

Shipping Costs

Understanding Your Shipping Information, Step by Step

Deciphering invoices is a headache for many companies, and what they don’t know can cost them.

Shipping Refunds, Shipping Costs

Understanding Foreign Trade Zones

Tariffs on products from China can benefit US companies. A look at current taxes, imports, duties, and savings.

Shipping Costs, Savings, Foreign Trade Zone

How an Automated Shipping-Auditing Process Can Pay for Itself

Automating your shipping-auditing process helps you claim refunds, increase customer satisfaction and discover valuable insights.

Shipping Refunds, Shipping Costs

eCommerce Logistics at Scale: The Journey of a Thousand Miles

The last mile may be the final leg of the journey, but it’s often first on a long list of logistical problems.

Shipping Costs, eCommerce, Logistics

Shipping Surcharges That Erode Your Bottom Line

Up to a third of your overall shipping expenses can be attributed to surcharges. Know what they are and how to avoid them.

Shipping Costs, Surcharges

Ways You Can Reduce the Cost of Shipping

Shipping takes a big chunk of your budget, but is vital to most businesses. Learn how you can offset the ever growing expense.

Shipping Refunds, Shipping Costs

Want Your Business to Go the Distance? You Need to Study Every Mile

For consumers, late delivery means more time staring at the mailbox. For retailers and suppliers, it can mean “goodbye” to those customers and their future business.

Shipping Refunds, Shipping Costs, Savings

3 More Ways Business Owners Can Save Money on Shipping

Our CEO, Jose Li, breaks down three fresh options to lower your FedEx & UPS shipping costs.

UPS, FedEx, Shipping Costs

Managing Shipping Costs During the Holiday Season

While merchants are compiling their own shopping lists, they are also focused on the busiest shipping season of the year. 

Shipping Costs, Holidays

Real-Time Shipping vs. Flat-Rate Shipping article by 3dCart

Partner 3dCart discusses the pros and cons of real-time shipping vs. flat-rate shipping, including optimizing for cost savings.

Shipping Costs, Partnerships

UPS Money Back Guarantee

Unsure of what UPS guarantees as part of their time commitment? We break it down for you here.

UPS, Shipping Refunds, Shipping Costs

FedEx Money Back Guarantee

Understanding the fine print when it comes to FedEx's guaranteed time commitment is key to protecting your shipping costs.

Shipping Refunds, FedEx, Shipping Costs

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