How to Negotiate Carrier Contracts

Negotiating contract terms with the big carriers is a very important time for your business. 71lbs is the experienced ally you need to make the strongest deals.

Carrier Agreements, Contract Negotiations

Late Delivery by UPS and FedEx Entitles Your Business to Refunds

Packages aren’t the only thing that can fall through the cracks – a retailer’s rights can too.

FedEx, Carrier Agreements, Contract Negotiations

Pro Tips for Negotiating Shipping Contracts

The best way to take control of high shipping costs is to negotiate your parcel shipping contracts. 

Carrier Agreements, Waivers, Contract Negotiations, Surcharges

5 Tips to Assess your Carrier's Shipping Agreement 

Our dashboard is chock full of ways to analyze your carrier's agreement and better understand your shipping. 

UPS, FedEx, Products, Carrier Agreements

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