Say Anything w/Joel Gandara

Joel Gandara of Underwear Station discusses the importance of a work-life balance, how flaws in the industry can present a golden opportunity, and lessons learned from adopting a proper work ethic from a young age.


Say Anything w/David Tivadar

David Tivadar of Quiet Curtains discusses his soundproofing curtain company and delves into the challenges of matching growth with resources and the importance of commitment to finishing a set goal.


Say Anything w/Paul Norrell

Paul Norrell of 1 World Globes & Maps talks about how a love of foreign films and a simple globe repair evolved into a flourishing business.


Say Anything w/Virgilio Llanes

One of our favorite customers in the automotive space, Virgilio Llanes of Cooling Exchange, talks about continuous improvement and the power of teamwork.


Say Anything w/Kat McMillan

Our resident Senior Partner Manager shares the coolest thing about her gig and three must-haves on a desert island.


Say Anything w/Jose Li

What happens behind the curtain? We ask seven questions to our fearless leader, and the answers are...interesting.


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