What is 71lbs?

If your business ships with FedEx or UPS, 71lbs identifies and claims shipping refunds that you are entitled to on late deliveries, invoice errors and lost or damaged shipments.

How does 71lbs impact my business?

Beyond positively impacting your bottom line with shipping refunds, you will have access to a customer dashboard that provides reporting and analytics to better understand your shipping trends.

Why do you need my credentials?

In order to proactively monitor and claim your shipping refunds, we need to connect to your online billing/reporting center at FedEx.com and/or UPS.com. We utilize 256-bit SSL encryption to ensure the integrity of your data.

Will this affect my carrier relationship in any way?

As part of their commitment to you as a customer, FedEx and UPS ensure deliveries will be made on time. 71lbs audits your shipping carrier to ensure you pay for only what you agreed to.

What is your service fee?

Our service is contingency based. Refunds are paid directly to the customer by the carrier, and our fee is half of the collected refunds.

Do we need to sign a long-term contract?

There is no long-term obligation. We work on a month-to-month basis. If you are not happy with our services, you can cancel anytime.