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Protecting your company's bottom line from rising shipping costs is both complex and time-intensive. 71lbs helps businesses save on FedEx/UPS late delivery refunds, lost/damaged claims, shipping insurance, freight savings, and more.

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Quick And Easy Signup

Your company information and FedEx/UPS credentials are all you need to get started with 71lbs. Our automated system does the initial work of finding your potential refunds while our Customer Success team works tirelessly to ensure you receive your due refunds. No additional connection needed.

Easy-to-Understand Shipping Insights

Our streamlined, comprehensive account dashboard enables access to your shipping metrics, carrier agreements, discounts and refunds. Easily glean insights from your shipping activity to make better, more informed decisions about the way you ship.

Savings Made Simple

In addition to identifying eligible late delivery refunds, our team can file and fight for due refunds on your company's lost and damaged shipments. We also offer savings programs for freight/LTL, import, and small parcel shipments, all in an effort to help reduce your shipping costs. Our customers save an average of 10% on their shipping costs.

"There is no obligation. You just get the money. It’s pretty much a no-brainer decision."

Jan B. CEO